Sarah Wagner

Born in Denver, Colorado, Sarah Wagner got her first taste of people watching from inside the 75 gallon tank that served as her playpen in her parents’ tropical fish store. She liked it so much, she continued to people watch whenever she could and it has led to some very interesting characters.

She got her first taste of science fiction early, thanks to her devoted Trekkie of a mom. Science fiction was her gateway genre, leading to fantasy, horror, and superheroes. She hopes to be able to pass this deep love along to her children.

Sarah spends her time torn between the worlds in her head and this one. Her husband and two sons do a wonderful job keeping her relatively grounded in this one. She writes in a little corner where clutter breeds and dust bunnies find refuge.

In what free time she can eke out, she loves to read and drink coffee. She also runs an autism support group. You can find Sarah’s short stories in a wide variety of publications including the Sha’Daa anthologies, Ruins Metropolis, and Lorelei Signal. You can find Sarah online at follow her on Twitter @Shade53.

Titles Available from Sarah Wagner

Thosha-Tol isn't supposed to exist. For the first years of his life, the only person who can even see him is the guardian chosen by the Goddesses who created him. Thosha-Tol is Jaffine, the last race on a steadily advancing planet who still follow the laws of the Goddesses, rejecting all technology in favor of a simple life. But Thosha was created to break all of their laws.
The quest for knowledge drives men and women to do amazing things in the name of science but not all amazing things are good. There are always those who would use technology and scientific breakthrough to rule, to conquer. And there are always those who will fight back.
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