Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh is a resident of Northern Florida, mid-forties and highly creative. She’s been telling stories since she could talk (which was fairly early) and writing them down as soon as she learned to write, often regaling her friends for hours after school with tales she’d make up. She is raising a teen daughter in her family home with her boyfriend of several years along with a pair of cats and a duet of dogs. An occasionally decent artist, she often paints or renders her own covers. Fans of her novels tend to be rabid about them, often pushing her into publishing books she otherwise would have kept to herself.

She prefers historical settings to modern ones and is a stickler for historical accuracy; often doing exhaustive research during the course of novel writing in order to present a believable, enduring world where things make real world sense along side the magical and the invented. She often refers to herself as ‘a professional liar’ instead of ‘an author’, as she is in ‘the business of weaving a fantastic, unbelievable lie and presenting it in such a way that, at least within the confines of the pages, the reader wants to believe it is the truth.’ As a famous ancient author once said: The secret to telling a good lie is to include just enough truth to make it believable.

She has three novels published with Double Dragon Publications on three very different subjects and is currently working on more of the Griffon’s Rest series, as well as a YA novel.

Titles Available from Sandra Leigh

When the main character dies in the first ten pages, where can a story go from there? Primarily: to Hell and back again. But there is a price for returning from The Road, for coming back from the dead. Olivia Claria Severus is a patrician woman in Ancient Italy. She is a senator’s daughter, a senator’s wife, and now, at nineteen, a mother at last. Her troubles begin with her son’s birth and her death mere moments later. She finds herself on The Road to the River Styx to await the Ferryman, but before she even has her fare or sees the ripples in the water heralding the approaching boat, she is ripped back to the world of the living and into her weakened body. It is then that she learns the truth about Aeschylus, her aged playwright: He is a vampire, and now, so is she. Unfortunately, something at the river with power saw her, and covets her for its own, and will do ANYTHING to get her.

Margaret Taft is the silver-haired captain’s mistress who desperately needs rescuing. ?Mad? Jack Wyndlam is the one man capable of doing that, but his interest is only in pirate’s gold. Silver meets gold, spinning a legendary tale unlike any heard before on the high seas.
She’s a native wonder worker. He’s white man fascinated with the histories and migrations of the First Nations. She can speak to animals. He can….not be touched by magic at all. Which is a good thing. Because an arrogant young mage with too much power for anybody’s good has just leveled his sights on her.
Escaping Faery was only the beginning... The Gentry. The Fair Folk. The Fey. By whatever names we call them, they take people, or bargain with them. For whatever reason they go in most never come home again. And those that do often find that home isn’t home anymore, for the strands of time flow differently between the worlds. Whether escaped or released or rescued, those that leave Faery are forever changed by it. A young Irish governess signs on for more than she expected, serving well and happily teaching three royal Fey children who never seem to grow up. Life is pleasant, if occasionally unpredictable. Until one afternoon in the woods changes all that forever and she makes the ultimate sacrifice for the lives of her charges. In the end it is her eyes and not her life she trades for their safety, but either way, her time in the Summerlands is over. The real world that she knew is a hundred years or more in the past, and a frightening place to one who can no longer see. A young Scottish Rugby player, born of an ancient line, is taken for a fey soldier, serving faithfully until war with the Unseelie Northerner brings an end to his service. The King has charged him with the safe transport of the newly blinded governess from the land of the Gryphon King to the worlds of men. It is a charge he takes seriously; but once there, her temper and a pair of striking green eyes make the task more difficult than it should be. Reentering the world at the Griffon’s Rest, they find a community of their own kind, other humans out of Faery struggling to make their way in a world they no longer quite fit. But the Unseelie still lurk, if no where else but in the hearts of their faithful and life at the Rest is not always quite... restful.
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