Sam Bonnamy

Sam Bonnamy is married and lives in a village in the North of England. He likes country walks, trees, the garden and growing things, and is interested in history, literature, theatre, politics and philosophy. Apart from English he speaks two and a half languages (German, Spanish, and a bit of Italian).

Sam turned to writing after taking early retirement from teaching, and sees the internet as a major influence in the future of publishing. He has published stories of Mycroft Holmes, set in Victorian London. Sam Bonnamy is a pen name.

Titles Available from Sam Bonnamy

Hazardous voyages, desperate battle on land and sea, human sacrifice and arrest by ruthless Amazons confront Hero and Aito in their quest to save the people of Crete from starvation and ruin. Amazon Grain finds them in peril, and only courage and determination will ensure that they achieve their aim. They must also evade the clutches of their deadly enemies in the sinister and unforgiving tin syndicate who relentlessly pursue them to suppress the knowledge they have gained.
Hero the Amazon is a tale of adventure, love, war and survival set in the sophisticated civilisation of Minoan Crete. Hero’s adventures take her from slavery into freedom, from Crete to the mysterious Tin Isles, and from man-hating into love. Powerful enemies have reasons to try to kill Hero and the young merchant who loves her, but trusted friends aid the couple in their ventures to the limits of the known world.
Once more, the Amazon is entangled in battle and intrigue against enemies both obvious and concealed; worst of all, some are within her household.
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