Sam Andebonn

Sam Andebonn is a groundskeeper, an horticulturalist, an off-road-vehicle enthusiast, and spare-time writer of fiction. Sam lives with a part-time partner and a big stinky dog in Wiltshire, England.

Titles Available from Sam Andebonn

The Galaxy is in peril, but the only people who can save it are a human bureaucrat and a scruffy alien tramp.
The Vagabond Resistance has found a new ally in a ship of legends, but will its enigmatic commander help their cause or bend the Resistance to her own agenda? When the Third Leader Jasky tracks down the legendary ship Leviathan, Earth ambassador Hugo Halespear finds his skills as a diplomat in demand once again. Jasky hopes to use Leviathan to unite the Resistance and take the fight to Andromeda, but Leviathan’s commander has motives of her own. A disgruntled renegade fith scientist is also tempting disaster with his reckless behavior, and Hugo finds himself taking charge of a rescue attempt to save both the scientist and the knowledge he possesses from the grasp of the Andromedans.
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