Sabine C Bauer

Sabine C Bauer shares her place of birth with Bertold Brecht, which, in the days when she was producing theatre, only strengthened her resolve to produce same in an entertaining fashion. Since then she has taken to writing, published two novels, Stargate SG-1: Trial by Fire and Stargate SG-1: Survival of the Fittest, and’still blissfully unalienated and politically incorrect?is working on an original albatross (when she isn?t sealing floorboards with boiled linseed oil).

Titles Available from Sabine C Bauer

Journeys of the Mind is a collection of short stories crafted by some of today’s leading speculative fiction writers. Between them, these authors have published over a hundred hardcover and paperback titles. Their works have been translated into twenty-six languages including Russian, Polish, Icelandic, Hungarian, German and Japanese, and their books have sold in excess of 25 million copies. Many are the multiple recipients of prestigious SF and Fantasy awards, and their novels have regularly appeared on international bestseller lists including the New York Times.
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