S.R. Remus

S.R. Remus is an aspiring Science-Fiction and Western author, and romance era style poet. He blogs his poetry for his site Srremus.com and is an active community member in many Science Fiction/Fantasy writing groups online. His latest foray into novel writing, The Time Outlaw, incorporates some of his most cherished Sci-Fi interests including time-travel and mystical, mechanical gadgets that twist on the very fabrics of belief.

S.R. Remus spends his spare time figuring out whether or not he can actually time travel, studying and conversing with other Sci-Fi fanatics on what makes Sci-Fi/Fantasy the best genre on the planet. He also has riveting debates with his three boys on whom the best superheroes are, as well as what the point of Minecraft is. He hasn’t figured it out yet. Recently, he dropped out of his Masters of English courses because he felt his creativity was being stifled by the massive amounts of Literature Theory courses he was being forced to take. He’s a writer, not a theorist.

S.R. currently resides in Maryland, with his origins coming from Southern Arizona where he believes his fascination in Westerns and gun slinging came from. He also believes his high school English teacher was the single most influential person in his life. RIP.

Titles Available from S.R. Remus

Gunfights, adult romance, time travel, and a trench coat that stops bullets? All coursed around a man whose own father, seemingly, wants him dead? Welcome to the fast-paced city of Apache. Time Rifter Jensen James is continually hunted down by The Department of Time Justice, but when it’s revealed to Jensen that those who were protecting him, may have other intentions, he’s thrust through varying time periods in his life, left to figure out, who is here to help, and who just wants him dead.
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