Rose Alexander

Rose Alexander’s publishing credits include her novel And The Bull Saved Me, published in 2007 under the pen name Alex Rose. Rose has had several poems published in anthologies of poetry, including the American Poet’s Society’s anthology, Reflections. She is also the head of a local writers’ group known as the Scribblers’ Club. She has given presentations on her book And The Bull Saved Me at a local bookstore and several libraries.

Titles Available from Rose Alexander

Kyle Perry, a married accountant who has a wife and two children, observes a fellow male commuter on the train one day as the man picks up a call girl. After seeing how affectionately the two behave with each other, Kyle follows them and observes as they enjoy a passionate sexual encounter. The level of emotional intensity displayed by the pair proves to be far greater than what Kyle expected from a john and a hooker. Kyle’s lapse into voyeurism provides erotic images that enable him to enjoy abnormally hot passion with his wife.

Will Kyle and the Commuter Casanova ever meet? And if they do, what effect will such an encounter produce on Kyle?
Daryl Lawson, a twenty-two-year-old virgin, finally finds a partner with whom to share his first sexual encounter. The tryst is unique, because Daryl suffers from uncontrollable telekinesis. Every time he gets sexually aroused, previously inanimate objects come to life. What ensues is a funny, hectic encounter for Cindy, his lover. As their shared passion escalates, so does his affliction. Cindy soon finds herself caught up not only in her own desires but also in a spectacular display of floating dead animals, zooming bowling balls and dancing deer heads. Having finally figured out that Daryl caused the mayhem, Cindy bravely refrains from fleeing. Will love overcome a bizarre barrier to final, ecstatic intimacy?
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