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Roger W. Kramer grew up on a farm in the little town of Pitchin, Ohio. He didn't learn how to read until second grade. When he did start reading, he almost immediately started writing stories, as life on a farm gives a young man a great deal of time to think. After high school, Roger joined the US Coast Guard and served on four ships, USCGC YACONA, USCGC POLAR STAR, USCGC EAGLE, USCGC KANAWHA and his last duty station was USCG Station Toledo, Ohio where he was in charge of a 41' and 22' rescue boat. After the service, he took a job with a local auto manufacturer and currently works as the crash dummy. Only kidding. He actually is in a supervisory role and enjoys working with his associates. Shortly after taking the job, he was called up for Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Sword. He spent 6 months in the Gulf, in charge of a 22' Raider attack boat with Port Security Unit 302.  Roger is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Roger's best friend, also happens to be his wife. He has three children that he loves and adores more than life itself.

The author is rumored to have a very dry sense of humor. Very dry...

Four years ago, his son was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.  Whenever he was afraid or depressed, writing was an outlet for him.  He was scared and terrified by the prognoses of the disease and so, he began to write.  It was a way to him to vent his fears and from a collection of five notebooks he ended up with a book, The Battle for Ka?an: Book One in the New Roman Empire Series

The book is a combination of his love for Science Fiction, Zen Philosophy, Martial Arts, Greek Mythology, Romance, Roman History, Space Ships and Black German Shepherd Dogs.

Please visit his website at I finally have it working and you will find some maps of the planet Chosen and the City of Ka'an. Also, on the website you will find a picture of the late Mr. Phantom.  He was a dear friend and the base for the Black German Shepherds in the book.  There is a picture of the author that he said can be used to scare the rats away in your barn.

"My goal is to give 50% of all profits to help find a cure for Diabetes.  I would love to see my son without the need to take five to six shots a day to just survive.  The other 50% I would like to use it to help people that are unable to pay for their supplies and doctors appointments.

My wife says that with my book, I just might make living in my own little world profitable.  But, I must leave that up to you, my gentle readers."

Thank you for visiting our Author's Page and we hope and pray that you will enjoy the book, The Battle for Ka'an. Please check back in the next few months for the next book in the New Roman Empire Series, The Seige of Ka'an.

THE SIEGE OF KA'AN had been published and I hope you enjoy it. I am working on the next book, An Empire Divided, book three in the series. I want to try my had at Supernatural Horror and have finished The Pet Psychic, getting it ready to send in for editing. please send me comments on how you like the books and items you want answered in the next book. I enjoy having my reader's comments to help the story flow better and ideas on what you want to know about in the books. My website is still up, just needs updated. I am getting ready to move and maybe going back to school for a Business Degree. I will work on the books and try to get them worked thru as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for support by buying the books. I will be updating the website for the info on the fund raising. So far. only have about $29.00 in sales, so I don't think I will reach my goal. But, it is the thought that truly counts and I hope that the money is the amount that will help find a cure for Diabetes.

God Bless,


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Titles Available from Roger W. Kramer

"Trust no one", the Immortal told Captain Dav Vad. Her ship and crew held hostage, the Dishonorably Discharged Ex United Universe pilot is marooned on the planet Chosen. With the help of her two Arti Intel German Shepherds, she is given a mission to find a King Attuicus that has mysteriously disappeared. On the trail of the King, she rescues a young Roman girl, meets a woman who can heal with a touch and a Prince and General on their way to defend the City of Ka?an from the Barbarians. But, one of them is a spy and soon they will possess the knowledge of how to destroy the city and bring the downfall of the New Roman Empire.

In the end, Dav realizes she trusted the wrong person.

The sound of the teacher’s voice droned in his ear, ?Battles have been lost before men have stepped a foot on the battlefield. Your tactics are the plans you make for the upcoming battle and strategy is the careful planning and managing of your activity on the battlefield. Heed this lesson well young man as the lives of men are in your hands, and should always be in your heart.?

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