Rita Y. Toews

Rita Y. Toews is a Canadian writer who took up the challenge to write at the age of 50. She has been published in numerous magazines, including "Western People", "Mysterical-E", the Knights of Columbus magazine "Columbia" and "A Cup of Comfort for Christmas".

Rita has assisted Hungarian author, Alex Domokos, with several manuscripts, including "The Price of Freedom", "Prometheus" and "The Centurion". As well, she has authored four children’s electronic books. Her children’s print book,"The Bully", is in use in schools throughout Canada and the United States.

Titles Available from Rita Y. Toews

Prostitution, biker gangs and a corrupt forensic lab are at the heart of criminal activity in Winnipeg, Stan Bolenko’s old home town. When his cover is blown in Vancouver, he returns to the city to investigate potential criminal activity in the forensic lab. He has no idea the trail will take him deep into the dirty dealings of some of the city’s highly respected citizens. Stan is unwitting lead into the shadowy world of a criminal kingpin by beautiful Sonja Slepsik, a woman sold into the sex trade by her brother and desperate to avoid a life of prostitution.
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