Rick Taubold

Rick Taubold was born in St. Louis, Missouri before the Gateway Arch was built. His college degrees are in chemistry, biology, and nutritional biochemistry. In grad school Rick was an avid bike rider and completed three, sanctioned "century" (100-mile) rides. Rick also enjoys woodworking and has built several pieces of furniture. He and his wife Rose live in Rochester, New York.

While he always enjoyed writing, Rick’s serious interest began in 1991 with starting his first novel. He has several published short stories and poems, which are available to read on his website. In the works currently are the other novels in the Mortal Vampires Trilogy plus a planned sequel to his first novel, More Than Magick.

Rick’s most memorable writing-career moment occurred at the 2005 Book Expo America when Henry Winkler asked for an autographed copy of his first novel. Rick has a genuine interest in helping new writers and is active on Zoetrope.com. He also belongs to the Rochester Speculative Fiction group (www.R-Spec.org). Visit Rick’s website at www.ricktaubold.com.

Titles Available from Rick Taubold

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