Richard W. Browne

Richard W. Browne spent over a quarter century working for chemical, utility, pharmaceutical, banking and start-up firms. Browne has drawn on his experience as director of a utility’s oil and gas exploration subsidiary for the plot of A Corpse Is a Corpse.

He has filled many file cabinets with annual reports, SEC 10-K reports, employee and product brochures, newsletters and proposals. ?The SEC should name a storeroom after me, I?ve filed so many papers with them,? he says. He’s now writing fiction on a full-time basis and intends to make it his final career.

His short stories The Trouble With Whitcombe and The Monocle in the Treacle, appeared in Red Herring Mystery Magazine. Science fiction short stories appear in Genre Sampler and Onynx magazines. The Treasure Chest and The Police Writer have published several of his ?writing about writing? articles.

In 2001, his first novel, Brannon’s Choice, was published by Hardshell Word Factory.

A Corpse Is a Corpse was a finalist in the Malice Domestic competition several years ago, but has only now found a publisher at Double Dragon. Those who follow the Enron scandal in the news, will enjoy this tale of chicanery in the energy industry.

Both of his novels are set in Richmond, Virginia where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Titles Available from Richard W. Browne

It started with a corpse sitting in Jim's office chair...
Who's Waldo? Jim sat across from the dead man, an unfired gun in his hand. "Who the hell are you, Waldo?" he said in the angry tone that helped keep the fear bottled up. "How did you get in here? What are you doing at my desk?" Sitting in the chair opposite the body, he stretched out one leg in deference to the dress sword at his side. The weapon's scarlet tassel clashed with the burgundy fabric of the chair, as did the red plume in his hat. "What the hell happened to you, man?" The corpse didn't answer, its arms stretched out wide on either side, staring at the ceiling.
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