Richard W Black

Richard W Black is a freelance writer born and raised in Indiana. His first novel A Cross In Time was released in 2014. A second book entitled Heresy’s Child is now in the editing stages for publication in late 2015 as well as the short story Space Partners which will be published by Geminid Press as part of the sci-fi anthology Space Opera. He has an optioned but unproduced screenplay and television series. As part of his writing process, he created screenplay versions of all his novels and many of his short stories. A longtime member of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association, he currently resides with his wife of 38 years in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area.

Titles Available from Richard W Black

Trapped in the corporate hive as an insurance cost accountant, Barney Berry has his tedious life disrupted when he jumps between his world and a scary Waspoid world where he battles a Hive of human-like insects that want him for bug food. The Waspoid world is no different from the world of Baxter Life where corporate backstabbing and intrigue are equally dangerous to the life and soul. While he is in danger of falling out of love with a wife who does not believe in him, he meets her spitting image in the Waspoid world. The female resistance fighter has faith in him as the Liberator and he falls in love with her. His problem is how to extricate himself from the clutches of the Hives of both worlds before one or the other kills him. How can he remain in the real world and transport his beloved to be with him, that is his ultimate challenge?
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