Richard Natale

For most of his career, Richard Natale worked as a reporter and editor at such publications as the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Buzz Magazine, and Variety. For the past several years he has been a junior executive responsible for marketing communications at Paramount Pictures and, before that, Columbia Pictures. Additionally, he wrote and directed a dramatic feature film, the romance “Green Plaid Shirt,” which was the closing night film at the Palm Springs Film Festival and has since played at 20 festivals around the world. He is also a past winner of the National Playwright’s Competition for his comedy “Shuffle off This Mortal Buffalo,” which was produced in Los Angeles and Kansas City. Over the past two years, Natale has had eight short stories published in various literary magazines and recently sold three short stories, two to Torquere Press and one to They are currently available in e-book format.

Titles Available from Richard Natale

Doubloon is an adventure/horror novel with a strong moral and spiritual underpinning that is aimed at the young adult market. Set in the Great Depression, the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery includes a massive flood, a tornado, a terrifying massacre at a tent revival meeting and a climactic battle aboard a zeppelin. Our hero, Japeth Finian, 20, the devout, orphaned son of missionary parents, embarks on a time-constrained journey to Doubloon, the “oasis of the Midwest,” to find a serum that will save the inhabitants of his small town from a blood disease that robs them of their immortal souls in return for the promise of eternal life. When they arrive in Doubloon they are confronted by all the wonders, and terrors, of modern life. Joining Japeth in his adventures are his friends, the brave and noble Crowell, the loyal but scatterbrained Lon, Crowell’s sister Lucinda, with whom Japeth is not so secretly in love, and Abra, Japeth’s mute younger sister who may possess secret powers.
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