Richard Dalglish

Richard Dalglish is a novelist and freelance editor and writer living in Yardley, Pennsylvania. He edits all the fiction for a small e-book publisher and has also written stories for two of the publisher’s series, a space opera and a young adult fantasy series. Richard is the former managing editor of Jewelers’ Circular Keystone (JCK), a business magazine that covers the U.S. fine-jewelry industry. He also served as managing editor for JCK’s sister publications, including JCK Luxury, JCK Style, Trends, New York Diamonds, Diamond World Review, High-Volume Jeweler, Vista Joyera, Facets, and the trade show publication The JCK Show Daily.

Richard’s nonfiction articles have appeared in JCK, Lancaster County Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, and the trade fair publication Baselworld Selections: Stones and Pearls. He has a degree in English from Franklin and Marshall College, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Titles Available from Richard Dalglish

When a man wakes up in a meadow with no memory of himself, he takes to the road, hoping to find someone who knows him and can tell him who he is. Confronted by a menacing black-clad knight named Sir Borus Renovar, the man invents the name “Stone Falconer.” When Sir Borus asks Stone if he’s signed something called a fastle pledge—the work of a mysterious man known as the Ordseer—he gives the wrong answer and barely escapes with his life. Now a fugitive on the run, Stone finds allies as well as adversaries, including Brook and Bennald, wanderers who have also lost their memories. These three have something else in common: a four-sided insignia engraved on their rings and weapons. As Sir Borus hunts them down, the three allies must work together to learn who they are and how they’re connected. To defeat the Ordseer before he conquers the kingdom through sorcery and treachery, they must also learn to use powers they don’t yet know they possess.
In Skunnik, the provincial capital of the Acrinite Province, Captain Jarn Theffig of the Vothan Riders is ordered to find a young woman who has been abducted. Suspects are many, but clues are few, so Jarn coerces the sorceress Astil to help him find the victim. Astil is the finest tracker in the known world, but she’s also a master criminal who has often been at odds with the Vothan Riders. Astil is only one of the problems plaguing the case. The Acrinite Province, where Jarn and his Riders try to keep the peace, was enemy territory only a year before, when the Voths reclaimed land that was rightfully theirs. Ever since the takeover, rebels have been murdering Acrinite collaborators and plotting against the hated Voths. Jarn must also depend on the remnants of the Acrinite Guard, soldiers known as Yellowshirts, who for a thousand years were the sworn adversaries of the Vothan Riders. Adding more political intrigue, a treaty with a neighboring realm depends on the outcome of Jarn’s investigation.
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