Rhys-Michael Silverlocke

Rhys-Michael Silverlocke was born on the cusp of libra and some other horoscopic sign—the name of which temporarily escapes memory.

(Thank god that "astrology" is complete and utter rubbish or Mr. Silverlocke might have suffered a bizarre concatenation of celestial eventualities. [Thank astrology that "god" is also complete and utter rubbish.] Astrology and religions are just nice opportunities for people to say pretentious and superficial things like "Oh I would never eat sushi with someone who wasn’t born in the year of the Rat".)

When not speaking parenthetically or italically, Mr. Silverlocke is probably speaking pedantically, or possibly inaudibly and entirely for his own amusement. In any case, the operative concept is that he rarely stops speaking; when he gets a few hundred thousand words left over that no one in the immediate area desires hearing then he generally sets them down into novel form.

The topics and styles of his writing are too variegated to outline here but there is no theme to subtle and no issue too weighty to escape his notice. Mr. Silverlocke will take on any subject and does not believe in sacred cows or vegetarians—as the Mel Gibson movie recently proved, if you can stick a spear in something then you probably should… if only for ratings, or to spark meaningless controversies on the chat shows.

Mr. Silverlocke has written many novels; his short stories, pressed into hardwood, can be used to construct an elegant 18th century provincial armoire. He is a writer, pianist, guitarist, composer and chef… but sadly none of his creations to date have proved truly toyetic and thus are not available with a "value meal" at any local fast-food chain.

He lists among his passions: origami, demonic possession, and floral arrangement. He has founded a society dedicated to performing Civil War re-enactments using only garden slugs and recycled toothpicks. Recently, he authored a series for Instinct magazine entitled Blood & Brimstone which mades less and less sense as the artist cut each new panel from the script.

Mr. Silverlocke has met an actual Keebler Elf.

Note: The lucky "Jesus loves a Taurus" t-shirts are still available for sale on his website! Supplies are limited so order yours today!

Photo Caption: Picture of Mr. Silverlocke with a Keebler Elf. (Elf not shown.)

Titles Available from Rhys-Michael Silverlocke

Al washed up in a remote area of a relatively unknown beach which lay on the central coast of California. Early morning surfing aficionados revived the man, who instantly attacked them for their trouble. Defying his condition, he shook his rescuers off like fleas and babbled an insanely violent tale.

Wolves and dragons. Storms which descended like Ragnarok from heaven. Add in an overwhelming guilt complex, and intense feelings of persecution. Al claimed he had killed a million men, women and children; he ranted that someone had torn him apart limb from limb and sewn him back together like a rag-doll.

Taken to a psychiatric hospital, the attending doctor documented that first the patient only screamed and shouted at people, and not always in a language they understood or identified...

Can the Earth really be brought to ruins by good intentions? Who would use "Good Works" to try and bring about the end of the world? Leave it to Lazarus Kane, the idiosyncratic narcissist. to turn his mis-wired, afflicted brain to this dilemma... If not, you can always have a word with the millennia-old Priestess of the Temple Of Bastet. In a world where nothing is ever as it seems, the path to good intentions can certainly lead to Hell...
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