Rex A. Horne

Rex Horne was born in South Carolina and now lives in Frisco, Texas. Married for many years to the most understanding woman in the world, Jan. They have two children and two grandchildren. His career includes experience as an engineer, business executive, Six Sigma improvement professional, and as a writer of technical and training material. After his family, his true love is writing. He has had various short stories published with The Edge of Destiny as his first novel released for publication. He sees writing as an opportunity to explore new worlds and possibilities, stating that, “Every time I sit down to write, I take a mini-vacation.

“As a child, I enjoyed creating elaborate stories and in young adulthood I began to put many of these tales to paper. Today they are subject matter for many of my projects.

“I tell people that I was a writer long before I sold my first work. Writing is a love and passion that flow out of you and onto print.”

Three sequels to his first novel have been completed and schedule for release. Projects underway include works in Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Romance.

If you wish to contact him regarding questions on current or future works, his email address is:

Titles Available from Rex A. Horne

Eric Hart was a Spacer and had faced many difficult situations before. This one was different. He alone had survived the crash on a strange alien world and now his survival depended not only on his skills but also on the human population that inhabited the planet, humans that shouldn’t be there but were. As Eric is transformed into a Son of the House of Nord, he discovered the Guardians, hooded figures that watched from the shadows and controlled events for the fulfillment of their master plan.

Book Two in The Nord Chronicles

In book two, Eric continues on his journey to become the “First” of Carna and discovers that he is destined to complete a plan forged more than three thousand years before by the first, “First Ones”. 

In book three of the Nord Chronicles, Eric must consolidate his control to become the absolute ruler of a planet that is fragmented by distance and culture. Primec and Inheritors cover more than 20 years in the saga of Eric of Nord and tells the story of the rise to manhood of his two twin sons, Joshua and Nicholas. While their quest for their place would take them in different directions, their destinies were forever linked and it would fall to them to complete the promise.
If the religious fanatics had their way, all life on Earth would soon be destroyed. In the perverted view of their twisted leader, it was the commandment of God that they hasten the final judgment. The plan was nearing completion as the first ark carrying two hundred thousand humans, animals, and seed stock prepared to launch toward the newly discovered world. It would be a race between competing factions, one trying to save a remnant human civilization while the other sought to destroy it.
The Ticket is a story about love and renewal of the human soul. It follows the lives of two very different people drawn together by a special love that transforms them and forges a bond that would last beyond life itself.
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