Raymond Grant

Raymond Grant and his wife, Ann Durand, live on a hillside in a Mediterranean-like community of white stucco wall, red tiled roof houses in Southern California a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. They enjoy long walks along the beach, particularly, in late fall and early spring when the coastline is inhabited only by ocean creatures and a host of migrating birds.

Ray’s professional careers have taken him into Aeronautical Engineering, Orbital Mechanics, Trajectory Analysis, Operations Research, Systems Theory and Analysis, Computer Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Applied Mechanics, and Materials Science. He has held positions as a University Professor, Project Manager, Program Manager, Corporate Senior Vice-President, Adviser and Consultant to Senior-level Government and Corporate Officials, and as a Stockbroker’s and Financial Advisor’s Representative. An observer might conclude that he has enjoyed a broad, interesting professional life; or that one of these days, he ought to decide what he wants to do when he grows up.

These days, Ray spends his time writing short stories and poetry. He enjoys the challenge of creating laconic stories that stimulate the imaginations of his readers. He is a Tri- Studio author and a member of the MuseItUp Club, Zoetrope Virtual Studio, and Publishers and Writers of San Diego. He was commended as an Outstanding Member of 2005 by Publishers and Writers of San Diego. His poem, The Ship, and his flash fiction story, A Strange Feeling each received a top ten award in the 2005 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

When he isn?t writing, he designs and constructs works of leaded glass. Being a leaded glass artist presents a unique and different set of problems to solve?a combination of creative design, focused hand-eye coordination, and selection of colors and textures.

You can sample some of his writings and glass art at www.Tri-Studio.com.

Titles Available from Raymond Grant

Flashes in the Pan, Fifty Short Stories for the Impatient, by Raymond Grant is a pithy little book that should be onboard when you?re standing in a long, slow line, waiting on a download or upload, or killing time while TV commercials drone on. During any one of these exasperating instances, catch a flash?read a short story?let your spirit soar.

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