Philip Mann

My background is what you might call unremarkable. I simply observe a lot and remember quite a bit of it. As the late Yogi Berra said, you can observe a lot just by watching. At age sixty, I've watched quite a bit.

My own faith is Jewish, and I'm what you might call orthodox. Contrary to that title, that doesn't mean that I take things as always intended. Being a writer means I look at things and say…'now that's odd.’Whatever your faith, or even if you are faithfully an atheist, I hope you enjoy the book.

Titles Available from Philip Mann

You can't quite reach it. That goal, that project. You're just out of reach of making that spectacular story, or that painting that will carry your name for years to come. You need a muse. Vi Gold or Lee Marvin will be glad to help. Either of these two ladies will give you that ride on the rocket, that trip to the well that gives you what you need.
Vi and Cal were getting used to married life, and Vi was looking forward to life as a normal woman, and not posing a danger to her husband`s sanity. But there were signs hinting that her past was not really passed. That painting that Lee had done of Vi, a souvenir of their last encounter, proved to be a reminder of all that she left behind, and even more. The newly born twins were a joy, especially Howie. Ruth was different, however. Very different.
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