Peter Fratesi

Peter Fratesi grew up in Northern Ontario, Canada. He obtained his BA degree in psychology from Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario. After he earned his graduate psychology degree from Goddard College, Vermont, USA, he and his family moved to Alberta, Canada.

Peter pursued a long, varied career as a psychologist in mental health and rehabilitation settings, in private practice and as a psychology instructor at the college level. Retiring in 2014, he decided to explore the depths of the human mind through writing fiction. He seeks to create psychologically complex characters and unique plots to evoke in his readers strong feelings and insights. Peter’s awareness of the ironies and struggles of life is also deeply engrained in his writing. His interest in history often flows through his stories, reflecting his belief that through history we discover our humanness.

Peter began writing poetry as a young adult, and this has blossomed into his debut novel and two short stories with fantasy themes. Also, he has had published over twenty non-fiction newspaper articles on a wide range of mental health issues and therapies. His writing has greatly benefited from his membership in the Alberta Writers’ Guild.

He believes in bringing creative imagination to other areas of his life. He is a long-time musician and has composed music of diverse genres, which has been professionally recorded. He also enjoys pastel drawing and watercolor painting, mostly of natural scenes and portraits.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife, son and Golden Retriever, Harry.

Titles Available from Peter Fratesi

Dr. John Polidori, an Italian born physician, moves to London in 1814. His life is thrown into turmoil after meeting the notorious poet, Lord Byron. He discovers that there are reports of mysterious disappearances around Byron’s old country estate.

Polidori takes over a story theme of Byron’s and begins writing his own story, The Vampyre. Traveling to Serbia to research his future book, he experiences terrible nightmares resembling those he’d had in his troubled childhood. When he returns to London, he is treated for the nightmares by his friend and psychiatrist, Alex Falding. However, the outcome is far from certain.

A brutal, perplexing murder happens in East London, and Scotland Yard encounters a strange symbol at the murder scene. Is this hideous murder connected to Polidori’s interest in vampirism? Do Londoners need to brace themselves for a serial killer?

This dramatic blend of Gothic horror, dark humor, and deep psychology sweeps you along to the story’s shocking conclusion. There, you discover the true meaning of The Symbol.
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