Peter Artur Fleming

Peter Artur Fleming enjoys traveling to destinations like Venice, Rome, Rotenburg, Amsterdam, and any other place that exudes history. One of his ancestors was a one-legged French pirate. His grandmother was a famous actress. Many of his relatives have served in the military. His father was the youngest Chief Petty Officer in Dutch history. Besides history, he enjoys historical fiction, military history, historical re-enactment….He also has a passion for science and is something of a futurist. Fantasy and science fiction are also high on the agenda. He makes his living working with animals. Anything he writes must be as accurate as possible and scientifically sound.

Titles Available from Peter Artur Fleming

Every worst case scenario has occurred – nuclear war, global warming, mass species extinction – to name but a few. Clusters of scientists survive and their advanced technology becomes something else – Magick. Over many centuries, absolute corruption sets in as they realize that they can do anything – any fantastic idea or desire can become a reality.

A thousand years after the Cataclysm, in the Pacific North-West, the successor races of man eke out a bare existence. Some successor races are making more rapid advances and have built a great Temple at Azatuk. A great event occurs. Fanatic human crusaders return. A mericless clash of civilizations begins. In the midst of this, through an impossible event, Kazad is born.

A series of adventures causes Kazad to encounter Lana, the most beautiful woman in the world. Kazad must win Lana. He must do this against the most horrendous odds that anyone could face. In the end, he wins the most beautiful woman in the world but not in the way he ever imagined…. Kazad discovers the Third Face of Chaos.
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