Paul J. Gemmer

Paul lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Tracy, their two daughters, Skyler and Jessie, one dog, and two cats. Paul is currently the owner of Distinctive Lawns of Richmond, quite possibly the finest lawn care company in the world.

Raised in the Midwest, he graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, majoring in Public Address.

Serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Protective Equipment Specialist, Paul taught and tested B52 aircrews on basic survival techniques. He earned a Master's Degree in Secondary Education at Hardin-Simmons University while stationed in Texas. He continued his education, earning a second Master's Degree, this time in Radio and Television at the University of Illinois. As Paul states, "I spent seven years in college learning what I didn't want to do the rest of my life."

The Adventure of Biff and Buff evolved over many nights of storytelling to his daughters and their friends. As a longtime story teller, he feels the oral tradition should be shared between parents and children of all ages.

Titles Available from Paul Gemmer

The Adventures of Biff and Buff: Quite Possibly the Two Smartest Dogs in the World THE ADVENTURES OF BIFF AND BUFF is a collection of short stories about two Golden Retrievers, their family, and their friends, and the everyday events that become adventures for children and their parents to enjoy. Besides having the ability to speak, as have all animals, Biff and Buff bring to every experience the exuberance and enthusiasm associated with dogs. They also have academic sophistication, artistic and pragmatic talents, as well as compassionate, understanding, and helpful natures. Biff and Buff complete a family. Mom and Dad and their girls, Garrett and Raine, constitute the core cast of characters. In this collection, the IRS, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Ray (a not-so-good-humored ice cream man) develop a special relationship with Biff and Buff. The reader is also introduced to Boom, Toady, Piddle and Puddle, who are best friends and who appear in other stories. Of those who make things happen, watch things happen, or wonder what just happened, Biff and Buff certainly make things happen. Whether it's helping a little girl in a learning center understand subtraction, or ensuring their friends' safety at night, Biff and Buff rise to the challenge with inventiveness, imagination, and ?magic.'

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