Patricia S. Bowne

Patricia S. Bowne has been hanging around university science departments since the age of 3, in every capacity from faculty brat to dean. She has spent time collecting fishes and invertebrates, cataloguing museum specimens, putting up educational displays (one of which involved live rattlesnakes), creating scientific illustrations, supervising student field work in lakes, rivers, and on coral reefs, assisting on deep-sea sampling cruises and in a giant clam farm, taking the jaws out of a 7-foot shark, and picking through piles of dead fish from Alberta to Taiwan. In the process she has accumulated a B.Sc in Biology, B.A. in Humanities, M.S in Marine Biology, and Ph.D. in Zoology.

None of the universities she has attended or worked in has had a Demonology Department, however. The Royal Academy of Osyth is her attempt to rectify that tragic shortcoming. This is the first Royal Academy novel: seven stories set in the Academy have also been published, and you can find out how to buy them at the Royal Academy website, You will also find the world’s only blog for the discussion of Academic Magic. Join the conversation!

Titles Available from Patricia S. Bowne

Some jobs are more trouble than they’re worth ...
It's spring break. Demonology faculty have scattered to the four winds except for Neil Torecki and Teddy Whin, who venture into the alchemists' study garden to rescue a lost colleague. They don't know that the garden opens into an ancient prison for dissident alchemists, or that the world's most dangerous possessing demon has taken refuge there, feeding on the prisoners while it plots to take over leadership of a major religion.
After barely surviving the semester at the Royal Academy, Hiram Rho heads home for the summer and his department chair, Warren Oldham, departs on a well-deserved vacation. While Rho tries to get his powers back, Warren's vacation takes an unexpected turn that leaves him battling a demon from inside it. Back in Osyth Russell Cinea, the senior demonologist, is finally in charge - for a week full of demons, exorcists, and unexpected temptations.
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