Nikko Lee

Nikko Lee was born and educated in Canada but now calls the coast of Maine home. Her love of fiction and writing began at an early age, with the genres of horror and romance. Intrigued by the politics of social structures and the often opposing forces of duty and desire, she delights in creating fictional worlds in which characters explore their darkest desires and rise above the conformity of their realms. This author enjoys writing and reading sensual romances as well as historical fiction. Her goal in writing is create a world so real that it will totally immerse the reader in the emotions and experiences of the characters.

While her day job keeps her occupied with scientific facts, her nights are free to explore the depths of her imagination. When she is not writing, the author loves to practice martial arts and walk her dog in the woods.

Titles Available from Nikko Lee

Trouble brews in the vampiric city of Haven. Mika, a sexy young vampiress with a weakness for pleasures of the flesh, grows determined to unravel its source. Despite the warnings of her friends and kin, Mika finds herself irresistibly drawn to Hail, an exiled vampire and notorious womanizer. While the rival clans of the city busily point fingers at each other following a series of assassinations, Mika is torn between her growing desire for Hail and the need to help her pater-sire achieve peace in the city. Despite Mika’s attempt to push thoughts of Hail from her mind, fate repeatedly brings him back into her unlife. As the clans of Haven race towards open warfare, Mika struggles to identify the spy who threatens to destroy the fragile peace of the city, even as she struggles to come to terms with her feelings for Hail.
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