Nigel Bruton

Nigel was born in England and moved to Canada with his family when he was twelve years old. He now lives in Ontario with his wife Debi and their dog Max. During the long Canadian winters they can be found in sunny Costa Rica, hiding from the cold.

With a background in electronics engineering, he has always had a love for science and science fiction. Much of his writing is filled with the wonder of what could be and what if.

Messiah Rising was inspired by the song, Iron Man from the 1970’s heavy metal rock group, Black Sabbath. The song created a dark and solemn message in its lyrics. It told of a massive robot that roamed the world destroying everything in its path, taking its revenge on Earth’s population.

It wasn’t so much the lyrics, but the feeling and atmosphere that it conjured up in the mind while listening to it. It was definitely a classic from the early days of Ozzie Osborne. Messiah Rising was written with the hope of capturing the essence of that song. Nigel will always be a fan of hard rock and is eternally grateful for its contribution to his dark side.

Titles Available from Nigel Bruton

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