Nicholas Sheffield

Nicholas Sheffield lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, with his wife and four children. His background is in key account management and project consulting for a variety of corporations. Overlanders is his first book, and he is currently working on his second.

Titles Available from Nicholas Sheffield

To the unaccustomed traveler, the overlands is a place where temperature swings and fluctuations in humidity bring on rapid fatigue; where the sun washes the body with searing ultra-violet rays that accelerate aging and decay; and where technology is abandoned in favour of hard toil and long work days. But worst of all, it’s a place of mortality.

That didn?t worry Carlos though. A shadow-hopper through and through, he left behind his high-tech, psychedelic world to indulge in the simple life. But now he’s vanished, and its up to his reluctant klassmates to find him.
Confined within the straitjacket of a contemporary world, Beyond the Lunar Fringe is a cluster of short science fiction stories that sway between fits of melancholy and starts of electrifying action. Ever gathering momentum, the book crawls triumphantly toward the ragged edges of the human experience where culture and science entwine like patients and bed sheets on a restless summer night. 
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