Michael Covino

Michael Covino was born January 1, 1981 in Key West Florida. He started work at age 16 in 1997 unloading bags of frozen shrimp from commercial fishing boats. Michael graduated high school in year 2000 and immediately got a job in the prepress department of the Key West Citizen, the local newspaper. In 2002 Michael worked as a landscaper at the town’s Botanical Garden and did work on peoples’ yards. By the end of 2003 Michael again worked in prepress at the citizen burning plates for the press, and when machines took over his job there he was transferred into the pressroom. In 2005 Michael went to Beijing China. There he met LuPing, who was also touring the ancient city. They decided to get married and upon his return home, Michael worked on getting Lu to the United States. Michael again traveled to China to accompany Lu to the United States in 2007 and married December 4th, 2007.

Michael started writing stories in middle school. He didn’t think about getting his worked published until after high school graduation. His stories have ranged from horror, science fiction, and fantasy. As he has grown older they became increasingly riddled with violence and murder. Some are extreme enough to make him hesitant about sharing them with even his family. He has had agents who normally represent horror stories reject his work for its extreme nature.

Titles Available from Michael Covino

Shortly after Darryl was discharged from a mental healthcare center, he kills himself, leaving behind a wife, wealth, and a life as an anthropologist. Darryl was a passionate man. So very few of us achieve our dreams as he did. What could so easily and so quickly shatter a man’s soul?
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