Michael A. Arnzen

Michael A. Arnzen won the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild Award for his novel, Grave Markings, in 1995. He teaches creative writing at Seton Hill University, located outside of Pittsburgh, where he now resides with his wife Renate and several cats. His poetry has appeared everywhere in the genre press over the past decade. His poetry books include Freakcidents, Sportuary, Dying, Chew, and Writhing in Darkness. A new collection of a hundred short-short stories, entitled 100 Jolts, will appear in 2004 from Raw Dog Screaming Press. E-book versions of his work are distributed through Fictionwise.com.

Double-Dragon's edition of Arnzen's GORELETS: Unpleasant Poems features 21 bonus poems unavailable elsewhere...not even in the print edition from Fairwood Press. Arnzen also contributed a chapbook's worth of work to Double-Dragon Publishing's hardcover book, Cemetery Poets Grave Offerings in 2003. Other DDP anthology appearances to date include Of Flesh and Hunger and Scary! Holiday Tales to Make You Scream.

Visit Arnzen's website, gorelets.com for more information!

Titles Available from Michael A. Arnzen

Let your eyes adjust to the darkness contained within this unparalleled tome of terrifying poetry. Let yourself be drawn down into the mausoleum of decayed verbiage and grim visions, meeting the poets your mortician always warned you about. These seventeen international authors gathered in the cemetery are already well known within horror poetry circles for their diverse imaginations. Deftly shifting from free verse to sonnets, from grotesque to darkly comical, the Cemetery Poets scream from beyond the grave with deadly accuracy. Editor Peggy Jo Shumate asks, "Do you have a dread of shadowy places?" The answer, after reading Cemetery Poets: Grave Offerings, will undoubtedly be a resounding yes! Step inside the cemetery gates and
savor every wretched flavor of fear ever conceived.
Here is a collection of stories for those of you who shudder at the thought of gulping down one more of Aunt Ida's "famous" cookies, who dread facing another interminable discourse from Uncle Earl about pig farm economics. If the first few notes of "Away in a Manger" cause you to grab something sharp and look around frantically for an eye to stab it in this book was written for you.
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