Max Overton

Max Overton is a scientist by training, and historian by inclination; a butterfly enthusiast, science fiction buff and a delver into the hidden mysteries of the world. He has lived in such diverse places as Malaysia, India, England, Germany, Jamaica, New Zealand, the USA and Australia, working in a wide array of occupations, meeting interesting characters and experiencing strange phenomena. Educated primarily in New Zealand, he has since called Australia home, residing in Far North Queensland beside the Coral Sea. From this tropical base, he has explored rain forest and desert, traveling to and through Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. He is endlessly fascinated by the peoples and legends of this Great Southern Land.

In 1999, a chance encounter with an American author led to his new career as a fiction writer. He traveled to Illinois in the United States, where he thoroughly enjoyed a five-year stay, meeting wonderful people, investigating strange places, exploring the towns and cities along the Mississippi River and acquainting himself with the Great Lakes. Venturing further afield, Max Overton journeyed to Michigan, Texas, Nevada and California, getting to know ordinary Americans, before returning to tropical Australia. Although a specialist in historical fiction, Max Overton does not limit himself to that genre, having written thrillers, paranormal and Western novels. His real-life experiences are reflected in many of the characters and situations in his books. He has won the EPIC e-book Award for Best Historical novel twice.

Titles Available from Max Overton

Rakshasa is a demon. He doesn’t know where he came from or how he came to be in the first place. All he knows is that he feeds on the dying thoughts of men and that he is hungry.
Born of the smokeless flame in the wilderness of prehistoric Arabia, a djinni comes into being. A creature of pure energy, he takes the form of a green-tinged blue flame that feeds off the life forces of human kind, taking pleasure in death and terror. A chance encounter with a shepherd on a mountain alters the course of his existence. The man mistakes him for a god and offers up an act of worship. Amused, Djinn maintains the deception and the god al-Ilah is born.
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