Maurice G. Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus graduated in 1993 from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology (with an undeclared major in English). He works as an environmental toxicologist for a local firm, Commonwealth Biomonitoring. Though highly involved with two churches--having given up his dreams of becoming a cult leader--he comes from a family that includes several practicing obeah (think: Jamaican voodoo) people.

Obviously his areas of interests include religious studies, folklore, and myths, but he also collects comic books and salt and pepper shakers. It should be noted that he only wants to get famous enough to be able to snub people at horror conventions. To that end, he has already started to practice referring to myself in the third person.

His publishing credits are as follows: he received an Honorable Mention for the 1996 Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing for his story "Kali’s Danse Macabre." His short story "Soul Food" was published in 1999 in the magazine Hoodz. His story "In the Shadows of Meido" took fourth prize at the World Horror Convention 2002. Then at the World Horror Convention 2003, his story "Family Business" won the Weird Tales/Flesh and Blood/WHC short story contest and will be published in Weird Tales Magazine. He has completed one and is hard at work on a second novel.

He has a wife, two children, and two cats. His website has just launched. To no one’s surprise it is

Titles Available from Maurice G. Broaddus

Crossings features twelve stories at the intersection of genres, set in worlds disturbingly familiar and far distant. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance elements converge to produce a whole greater--and stranger--than the sum of its parts.

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