Matt Payne

Matt Payne is a Canadian author whose writing styles include psychedelic adventure, surreal horror, visionary science fiction, and absurd comedy. His bachelor's degree is from St Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. He has worked as a line cook across the eastern half of Canada, forging food in various hot kitchens. Matt also composes funky experiments in electronic music under the band name SpaceWine. He's a self-taught web-programmer and online publisher. You can find his fiction and non-fiction in publications such as,, Qwerty Magazine, and Nickel Steak. His self-published works and music are available on his website, Matt was born in Newfoundland and currently lives in Ontario.

Titles Available from Matt Payne

Missing to Mars pulls you into a mysterious psychedelic extravaganza.

Paul and Fiona move to a colony on Mars to seek their fortune. Paul has rigid plans for a business empire, but Fiona wants to be an interplanetary travel-writer seeking the truth about mankind's secret history on the Red Planet.

When Fiona disappears Paul puts his own plans on hold to find her. His search takes him outside the safety of the colony, where people are living very different kinds of lives: Religious robots who worship a mind-control stone they call Bethikabox; The Sports League whose only sport is hunting humans; Dr Grobe, who creates thoughts and feelings that exist outside the human brain.

Paul finds allies in the Psych Kids, drug-dealing freaks who help him in his search and seek to open up his heart. But the truth about Fiona's disappearance challenges his conceptions, old and new. Inside Egyptian-style ruins he discovers magic and puzzles, secrets about the history of our species, and terrifying implications about the universe itself. If he ever finds Fiona, they may not be the same people anymore.
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