Martha Lynn Carroll

Martha Lynn Carroll is a writer, editor, artist, and designer for Imagine Role Playing. She wrote the Tournament Module Blind Faith (Imagine Role Playing, 2003) and has contributed to each expansion: Aspects of the Wild (Imagine Role Playing, 2001), Epitaph of the Fallen (Imagine Role Playing, 2003), and Legends of the Unknown (Imagine Role Playing, 2013). She is currently working on two more expansions.

Martha spent most of her school years escaping to fantastical worlds created by authors such as Lloyd Alexander and L. M. Montgomery. Inspired to create her own worlds, Martha often took to writing and illustrating endless stories on stacks of folded construction paper (and later, a computer). She even received several honorable mentions in Young Author’s Conference contests. She began her first novel at age 14, which now holds a special place in her heart as her first attempt as a serious writer.

Just after earning her Bachelor of Music in 1996, Martha was swept into a world of tabletop gaming. Her new hobby drew her to absorb every fantasy book she could get her hands on. After winning the Best Role-Player Award at an Imagine Role Playing tournament, Martha fell in love with this particular system (as well as one of its designers, whom she later married). She joined the design team in 2001 and has been game-mastering, play-testing, illustrating, and writing for Imagine ever since. Her book Diamond Lake is loosely based on the first campaign she ever ran.

When Martha is not writing or role-playing, she teaches and performs piano and violin. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Titles Available from Martha Lynn Carroll

A stubborn peasant girl who speaks her mind, Kyleigh spends her strenuous days keeping house and caring for her uncle’s ten children. Although she bears the gift of foresight, she foresees no end to her life of poverty and drudgery. When an elven seer from afar tells Kyleigh she is the girl destined to save the elves from impending war with the Banished, Kyleigh is stunned into disbelief. Nevertheless, she accepts this daunting quest and undergoes intense training in hopes of preventing the enemy from finding a lost-long divine artifact—the life-granting diamond Lyn’Athai.

Captivated by an alluring elven woodsman she meets in the forest, Kyleigh renews her determination to become a powerful seer so she can try to save his people. Her failure to prevent the Banished from gaining a terrifying weapon—one with the potential to create an army of flesh-eating blood revenants—sends Kyleigh and her companions on a desperate hunt to track it down. Should the Banished find Lyn’Athai, all hope is lost—not only for the elves, but for all of Ethyn.
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