Mark Ferguson

I was born in Kingston, Ontario. Writing novel-length stories about demonic paperboys and weaponized leprosy since the age of 15, science fiction with a strong dose of horror is my primary interest, and a passion for real-world science and engineering has endured. I was degreed at the University of Waterloo in the field of nanotechnology engineering, and can sometimes be found working in a clean room in a full-body ‘bunny suit’, making incredibly tiny and fragile devices. I am presently pursuing a PhD at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec.

Stephen King made me want to be a novelist; George Carlin and other comedians made me want to be funny, and true. I feel that my professional training gives me an advantage in maintaining the suspension of disbelief in regards to the science and technology described within my stories, and my temptation is to over-explain. As an author of fiction I have brute-forced myself to some level of quality, having finally written such releasable works as Terra Incognita and The Council of Larry. I am currently developing an extension of the multiverse initiated in TI, a novel called Zenith.

Titles Available from Mark Ferguson

On a world where the horizon moves and parallel realities grind together, the Bad Time is coming. A boy named Nemed, a stern Detective named Malone, and a reformed terrorist named Larmenihar each come from a different Scape, and each will confront unpleasant discoveries and the legacy of bleak, violent history, a history that is sometimes bizarre and sometimes darkly familiar.

Mere men with guns and wits must content with crystalline post-humans of incredible technology and strength, themselves overshadowed by stranger and more horrible beings of weaponized insanity. Knowledge of the mysterious phenomenon which created the moving Horizons overhead would be a powerful asset for any side … but the legends of the Bad Time warn against such curiosity. Under the thick glaciers of the Larch Scape a discovery is about to be made, one that is drawing the multiverse’s more advanced peoples to Nemed’s cold homeland and bringing them closer to war.
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