Marjorie Danser

Before coming to New York, Marjorie Danser graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and attended the Radcliffe Publishing Course in Boston. She has written movie, book, and restaurant reviews for Manhattan File (1994 to 1995), articles for the AKC Gazette (1989), and short stories for the online group "Worlds of Wonder." She assisted historian David Fromkin with A Peace to End All Peace and In the Time of the Americans as well as with various other articles. She assisted Vanity Fair writer Gail Sheehy and art writer Paul Rogers. She worked as a copy editor for The New Criterion, and as a marketing assistant at The Hendra Agency, where she dealt with several major book publishers.

Titles Available from Marjorie Danser

A hologram of a stunningly beautiful woman captures the attention of a bored tech named Benjamin O’Rourke, who feels strangely compelled to investigate her mysterious identify. He quickly finds himself thrust into the world of high stakes corporate greed. And, through his own machinations, ends up in space in search of the lost colony of Eilithia. There, they discover a major power struggle is simmering, and he and the crew of the Westerly must chose sides.

Meanwhile, Kaylee, a young, naive Eilithian priestess, blessed with prophetic visions, struggles to chose her own path. Will she be the new leader of her world? Or the victim of its upheavals?

As factions coalesce, all feel the presence of a strange force beyond their understanding pushing them towards an unknown future.
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