M.J. Sullivan

Michael Sullivan has taught English, classical and Flamenco guitar, East Asian Humanities, East Asian Reli?gions, Japanese calligraphy and the martial arts. He has also been a printer, a concert guitarist, and a sailing captain. He studied writing under Andrew Lytle, and holds a Bachelor's degree in the Humani?ties and a Master's in Asian Studies; also black belts in karate, Japanese swordsmanship, and Japanese calligraphy. He was granted "Special Honorary Citizen’ship" of Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, 1979, and was the nidan swordsmanship champion of Kagawa Prefecture, 1982. In 1989 he won the prestigious Nippon Shuji Prize. Granted the name Seih? by his teacher, Harada Kamp?, he founded T’shoin in 1987.

He has written three books on Japanese calligraphy: Seih?'s Kanji Workbook, published by Asian Humanities Press; Japanese Calligraphy: Practice, Learning and Art and Japanese Calligraphy: A First Year Curriculum, which include the calligraphy of Harada Kamp?-s’shi and are published by Heian Bunka Senta, in Kyoto. He is the co-author (with Alec Kalla) of a mystery novel, Velvet, published in 1993 by Foul Play Press. In 1994 he received the CoVisions Recognition Award for Literature.

Deeply involved with Zen and Japanese culture, he paints and writes in his mountain studio near Bailey, Colorado.

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