M. J. Hewitt

Matthew J. Hewitt spoken of in the press as the new king of dark poetry has had poetry published worldwide, with much of his poetry being purchased by paying publishers. His writing has been compared with such greats as H. P. Lovecraft, and Lord Dunsany. His poetry has been described as, being filled with deep despair and emotion, dark, dangerous and disturbing. And editors have described his poetry as visionary and brilliant .He already has a following of fans including to his credit an impressive list of famous authors.

Matthew J. Hewitt is one of the much acclaimed ?cemetery poets?, and is referred to by the media as the ?new king of British dark poetry and fiction?. Born in 1968, this young poet has attracted many peer accolades, among them as follows:

The great poet Bruce Boston: ?Hewitt’s work has potential and emotion.?

Famous British horror writer Simon Clark, tipped as the new Stephen King, comments on various Hewitt poems:
? ?This is a piece of real power, rich in imagery, sure to be published.? (?The fire of insanity?)
? ?incredible vivid imagery? (?Pan?)
? ?an intensely visual piece in a style that you seem to be claiming for your own." (?It came from the swamp?)
? ?this is a darkly powerful piece.? (?Evil?)

Andy Cox, Editor of T.T.A. Press: ?Hewitt’s poetry is brilliant, the best I have ever read.?

Professor of Literature Michael Arnzen, a Bram Stoker Award Nominee, makes the following observations on some of the poems:
? ?this is a good job of fomenting madness, and the insane chaos of pain, the collective voice is chilling, and creepy?. (?Pan?)
? ?you?ve definitely got a talent for mood, and atmosphere, this is a dark and dangerous piece.? (?The fire of insanity?) ? ?chock full of creepy images, dark and disturbing, you have an innate talent.? (?It came from the swamp?)

L. Michael Lohr, Editor of Fables magazine, observes of ?It came from the swamp?: ?this reminds me of Lovecraft, very visual and intense.?

Famous author Steven Climer comments on ?The fire of insanity?: ?this is a very visual passage, filled with deep despair and emotion.?

H.W.A. Member Peter Crowther describes ?The tolling bells? as ?very moody and evocative.?

John. B. Ford, editor and great Horror writer, remarks on various poems:
? ?a very powerful piece? (?The fire of Insanity?)
? ?very gothic, and disturbing imagery? (?Pan?)
? ?its sentiment and imagery are chilling. Hewitt has lots of talent, and his writing is visionary.? (?The future?)

Renowned Horror writer and Editor of Promartian Publishing Cathy Burburuz notes: ?Hewitt has the potential to become a great writer.?

Hewitt’s writing has also been compared to author Lord Dunsany by Australian magazine Redsine, and he has even been considered ?the new Dante?.

Hewitt has also collected second prize in the first Fiction Inferno short story competition, and is winner of the Best Poem competition on the Demonminds site.

In addition, several of Hewitt’s poems are out in an Anthology published by Double Dragon publishers, which will be available through W.H. Smith, Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble bookstores etc.

He has recently been recommended for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award, one editor stating that his book deserves a place on a bookshelf alongside Poe and Lovecraft.
One of Hewitt’s poems is to appear alongside a Simon Clark piece called ?The derelict of death?, soon to be published and available from good book dealers in Great Britain and in America.

Hewitt has been published all over the world in both unpaid, and paid markets, having accumulated a growing multitude of enthusiastic fans of his brand of dark poetry and short fiction ? in fact, a scan of the Internet will reveal an explosion of his writing there.
Hewitt’s career truly does move from strength, to strength. He also writes under the name also receiving much critical acclaim for this brand of dark horror. Follow this link to his homepage http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=9215. Hewitt, spoken of in the media as the ?new king of dark poetry and fantasy?, has had over four thousand hits on his homepage in nine months. His poetry has been described as filled with deep despair and emotion, dark, dangerous and disturbing. And editors have described his poetry as visionary and brilliant.

Titles Available from M.J. Hewitt

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