Lyssa Thorne

Lisa (Lyssa Thorne) Lindenbusch was born at Cayahoga Falls, Ohio to a rubber factory worker and a freelance seamstress. She lived her first thirteen years in a small town outside of Akron called Lakemore. When her father was laid off, the family sold everything and packed up their remaining belongings to move to Henderson, Nevada, a small town outside of Las Vegas, where an Aunt already lived. In High School she discovered in Sophomore English that she had a natural talent for forming paragraphs without the brainstorming step. In her Senior year, she was accepted to the Creative Writing class where she had her first grassroot publication in the annual printing of writings from the Creative Writing class. After graduation, she attended UNLV majoring in English where she took another Creative Writing class. From there she went into the U.S. Army where she spent two and a half years. She was married to another soldier and left the Army upon the birth of her first son. While stationed at 4/69 Armor in Kitzingen Germany, she was Editor and Writer of the Battalion newsletter "The Marne Connection" from February to July 1991. She has continued to practice the art of story writing and is now working toward being published.

Titles Available from Lyssa Thorne

Sannaro, an orphaned Saili teenager turned ASTRISI warrior has his loyalties challenged when humans from his past now aligned with space pirates, launch an invasion on the Kumani, the ASTRISI home ship, a nomadic space faring people who raised him.
An orphaned teenage warrior is reunited with his sister after ten years apart, but as he struggles to fit in with his natural people a social worker kidnaps him so he can be brainwashed and retrained to behave appropriately.
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