Lisa S. Buchholz

Lisa S. Buchholz was born, raised and still lives in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania. She grew up as the youngest of eight children and was blessed with a supportive and loving family and treasures the time spent with them. God and family are the most important things to her.

Lisa has always been fascinated with writing and has a handful of short stories and outlines for stories waiting to be written. Unfortunately, finding the time is the hard part for her. In her own words; "When I do find those oh, so precious moments, they?re spent divided between writing, oil/acrylic painting, learning the bagpipes... Not to mention the demands of one of my cats, who seems to think I should be paying attention to her at all times."

Lisa currently runs the forms and supplies department for a leading software company that develops software for the steel reinforcing industry. In the past, she has worked as an assembly line worker, in the arts at a non-profit organization, at a major corporation and now at a family owned business.

Her goal is to make writing a full-time career... "so now that I?ve found my nitch, I have to figure out how to fit into it."

Titles Available from Lisa S. Buchholz

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