Linda Suzane

Linda Suzane is a writer, author, who is pursuing her lifelong dream to be a full time writer. Her passions include vampires, murder, and exploring duality, the coming to terms with the hidden, secret sides of ourselves. She writes mysteries and designs murder mystery games. She is woking at starting a murder mystery game company online in the near future. She writes fantasies and has created her own fantasy world, the Kingdom of Naj. A slightly oriental kingdom filled with dragons, windsnakes, weavers of light and seers of truth. She is working on a series of vampire novels, called Darkhour Vampires. These books are like nothing she has ever written before. Their erotic nature has led her into an interest in writing erotica. She is also an Internet explorer, seeking to know and conquer this new frontier as a eBook author, content provider, and web designer.

Linda Suzane is a pseudonym for Linda S. Melin. She chose the name because she didn't want people always asking for a writer named "Melon", which is the way most people mispronounce her last name. Melon just didn't seem like an appropriate name for a writer. Her name is really pronounced Me-lean. She has found having an alter ego very freeing. It has something to do with that passion for duality, coming to terms with the two sides of us, the good and the bad within us, the secrets we hid from others. As Linda Suzane she has done things she would never dream of doing in her everyday life.

Titles Available from Linda Suzane

THE MURDER GAME is a 70,000 word romantic mystery about a mystery game designer whose game goes murderously wrong.
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