Linda Madl

Linda is a Manhattan, Kansas, writer who collects ghost stories. She first became interested in ghost lore when she was attending summer school in Exeter, England.

One evening she heard a broadcast of a radio host and an English lord waiting in the manor house for the appearance of the family ghost. She expected them to reveal the joke at any moment, but they were serious. Astonished, she listened closely as they told the story behind the haunting.
The ghost never appeared but the host and the lord were not dismayed. They would try again. For the first time, Madl realized that there were credible, sophisticated people who truly believed in ghosts. That summer she began collecting ghost story books: tomes of true ghost stories.

Over the years she has acquired more than 100 volumes of ghost tales from across the country and abroad. Two books are ghost stories from Fort Riley, Kansas, where she was a ghost tour guide for two years.

She is a member of the American Ghost Society. However, she is not a ghost investigator. Though she remains a skeptic, she wants to record Manhattan, Riley and Pottawatomie county area ghost lore for a book.

?I consider ghost stories and folklore part of our heritage and culture,? she says. ?Also, recording testimony from witnesses to the unexplained is an important part of observing supernatural phenomena.?

Her work includes ten novels, eight novellas, several short stories, and nonfiction articles. The settings of her books are as varied as her travels. England, Scotland, the Rockies, and the Kansas River banks have all served as locales for her historical romances.

Her nonfiction work includes feature stories, book reviews, newsletters, and technical project profiles. She is active in professional and community organizations including the KS Writers, Inc., UFM Community Learning Center, and Novelists, Inc. Currently, she is at work on her eleventh novel.
Born and raised in Kansas, Madl is a graduate of Paola High School and Baker University. She resides with her husband, dog, and parakeet in Manhattan, Kansas. Family, friends, and travel fill her non-writing hours.

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Titles Available from Linda Madl

On the lonely trails of the windswept plains, desperate spirits wander across time burdened with the raw emotion of their unsettled lives.
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