Laura J. Underwood

Laura J. Underwood is an East Tennessee author whose credits include over 50 published short stories of fantastic fiction, numerous nonfiction articles and book reviews. Her books include ARD MAGISTER from Yard Dog Press, THE BLACK HUNTER and KELTORA, LAND OF MYTH from Embiid Publishing, MAGIC'S SONG, Tales of the Harper Mage forthcoming from Wildside Press and "The Demon-Bound" duology (DRAGON'S TONGUE and WANDERING LARK) forthcoming from Meisha Merlin Publishing. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications from Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine and Adventures of Sword & Sorcery to anthologies like SWORD AND SORCERESS, CATFANTASTIC, SUCH A PRETTY FACE, BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE, and the forthcoming LOW PORT and FEMMES DE LA BRUME.

When not writing, she is a librarian, a former fencing champion and coach turned SFWA Musketeer, an occasional hiker and a fair harpist. In fact, she is the owner of the real Glynnanis who has appeared in a number of her fantasy

Titles Available from Laura J. Underwood

Femmes de la Brume . . . Women of the Mist . . .
Will introduce you to the women of speculative fiction and characters that will forever reside within your memory as well as the Mist. These tales are born from the imaginations of beautiful mystical women. Separately, they shine, command attention? but together, they have become the Mist, inhabiting your dreams . . . or perhaps your nightmares.

BONUS: Included within the paperback is an introduction by Tamara Thorne.

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