Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon graduated from Grinnell College in 1992 majoring in English. Over the years he has written many works, from the trilogy of books titled Evolution, to the shorter novels Last Man in Heaven and The Forsaken. He has written three plays and dozens of short stories, some of which have appeared in Escape Velocity, Absent Willow, NVF, and Aphelion Magazine. Kevin writes predominately in science fiction, but also has many fantasy and literary stories.

Titles Available from Kevin Gordon

When the Vault of Utopia is destroyed, Duroix, commander of the Earth ship Vaudras, seeks to unravel the mysterious Earth-Hlendi alliance and restore what many believed to be the true human Heaven. Aided by his love, Crische, and a devoted crew, Duroix is pursued relentlessly by the Earth Fleet. They journey from planet to planet, looking for answers and clinging to hope while tragedy and disaster whittle down his followers. Specters from the past siphon his hope, yet Duroix moves ever forward to a final confrontation with the father who abandoned him and who holds the keys to the salvation of his soul.
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