Kevin Donihe

KEVIN L. DONIHE has been published in over 120 magazines and anthologies across ten countries. Venues -- both published in and accepted into -- include: The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, Flesh and Blood, Eldritch Tales, Star*Line, Darkness Rising, Nasty Piece of Work, Not One of Us, Roadworks, Cemetery Sonata II, Crossroads, Enigmatic Tales, Frisson, The Dream Zone, Psychopoetica, Wicked Hollow, The Circle, The Dream People, Bathtub Gin, Electric Velocipede, and many others. He has also had poetry chapbooks published by Kitty Litter Press, Sam's Dot Publishing, and Budget Press. Apart from writing, he edits Bare Bone -- a story from the first issue was reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13.

Titles Available from Kevin Donihe

"It illuminates. It demonizes. It pulls the strings of the puppets controlling the strangest of passion plays within a corporate structure. Everyone, every thing, is a target of Mr. Donihe’s wit and off-kilter worldview...

There are shades of Philip K. Dick’s wonderfully inventive The Divine Invasion (minus the lurid pop singer), trading up Zen Buddhism for unconscious Gnosticism. Malachi manifests where Elijah would stand revealed; and the Roald Dahl-like midgets hold the pink laser beam shining into our hero’s mind. Religion is lambasted under the scrutiny of Corporate money- crunchers, and nothing is what it seems." - From the introduction by Jeffrey A. Stadt.

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