Kathleen Moffre-Spoor

Born in Boston, Kathleen Moffre discovered fantasy with the Disney animated canon, and went on to read the associated novels, such as the Ms. Bianca books (The Rescuers), Margery Sharp’s 101 Dalmations, and others. She eventually graduated to Watership Down and the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. She became a fantasy and science fiction fan through films, TV, and tie-in novels and started writing (both fanfiction and original stories) in junior high.

She discovered Dungeons and Dragons and RPG gaming in general, as well as Doctor Who and anime such as Space Cruiser Yamato, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Saint Seiya, while in high school. Kathleen graduated with a BS in Fine Art from the College of Saint Rose. She married Ryk Spoor in 1995, becoming Kathleen Spoor. Kathleen works as a full-time mom, taking care of their four children, does photographic and jewelry art, and is politically active when she has the time. Kathleen also has a poodle, 21 chickens, and loves to garden.

Titles Available from Kathleen Moffre-Spoor

Coffee and Cataclysm

It was hard enough running O'Reily's – the coffeehouse that doubled as a halfway house for young monsters transitioning back to the regular world. Dylan, as a revenant who'd once been a monster hunter, was all too familiar with their problems, so he didn't mind the work. And when a soul-ripping barghest tried to stake out Central Park, well, taking care of that was his job too… while he kept searching for his wife Anna, who had vanished five years before.

But after something destroys half of Paris, magic seems to be going wild, and what should have been a straightforward hunt almost gets him and his vampire friend Angelus killed. Dylan is torn between the lure of the dead past that ensnares almost every revenant, the mundane yet vital responsibilities to the people he cares for, and the deadly threat of magic unleashed.

Far away, leanan sidhe Keenan Murray must escape his vampire masters, discover his lost past… and that discovery will link him irrevocably to Dylan O'Reily.
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