Kathe Gogolewski

For a long time, teaching upper elementary school children was Kathe’s passion. She especially enjoyed writing stories and reading them to the children. She loves writing stories that appeal to both boys and girls, as well as children of different academic abilities.

Kathe retired from teaching several years ago and moved south to warmer weather with her husband, Ray. She hoped to begin writing full time but did not account for the lure of the bells that buzzed in the elementary school across the street from their new home. She soon found herself volunteering in fourth and fifth grade classrooms as a science and writing teacher. Now, she enjoys both writing and teaching. And of course, she is still reading stories to the children.

She wrote an educational supplement for teachers to go with her book, TATO, a fantasy adventure for middle grade readers. She works in classrooms all over California engaging 4th and 5th grader students in science experiments that explain certain illusions in her book.

She has written another novel, A Promise to Keep, available from Double Dragon Publishing under her pen name, Ann Durand. Another book, science fiction with romantic elements called Flight of the Gryphon, is due for release from Double Dragon Publishing in December of 2006.

She has contributed to two anthologies this year. One, The Muse on Writing, is available from Double Dragon Publishing in 2006. The other, Spiritual Visitations, edited by Heather Froeschl, is due in 2008 from Zumaya Publications.

Kathe is a columnist for the ezine for writers, The Muse Marquee and a contributing writer for Ranch and Coast, San Diego’s Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. She has won awards for her books, short stories and poems. Her website is http://www.TRI-Studio.com.

Titles Available from Kathe Gogolewski

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The Muse on Writing, available through Double Dragon Publishing will inspire you, motivate you, amuse you and inform you.
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