Karen Lewis

Voted Best Author in the P&E Readers Poll - 2011

Mystery novels: No Strings, Never Seen Again, Lingering Doubt by London Circle. Scarlet Woman, Fatal Affair by Treeside Press. Strange Disappearance, Eternal Press. Sinister Midnight, Uncial Publishing. And the award-winning suspense play Hit and Run by CKNW.

Children’s Stories: Wolstencroft the Bear by Magic Keys. Puss in Boots wants Red Shoes, A Pigeon Named Pip, by Candlelight Publishing. Golf Ball Bandits, Magic Light, Lizzy the Lion Cub by BAB Books. Salty the Seagull, Jacko the Giraffe, Cindy the Dancing Spider and the Best Present Ever by the People’s Friend Magazine.

Short mystery and romantic stories: The Angels Sing, New Year’s Day at the George by Tellyouatale, Cellar Door, Not Really Murder by Coffee Cramp. Respectable Recluse, Blind Panic, Walk on the Wild Side, Kleptomania, The Fugitive and Missing the Boat by Delivered. Under the Spell of Swan Cottage by Amazon Shorts.


Titles Available from Karen Lewis

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