Justin Stanchfield

Justin Stanchfield is a full-time rancher, part-time snowplow driver, occasional musician and struggling writer. His fiction has appeared in various publications including Boys' Life, Sintrigue, Extremes 4, Darkest Africa and two of the SFF.Net Darkfire anthologies. He lives with his wife and kids on a Montana cattle ranch a stone's throw from the Continental Divide and is a member of SFWA.'

Titles Available from Justin Stanchfield

Something is desperately wrong on Darvas, a dying world locked in a perpetual ice age. Twenty years ago an archeological expedition vanished without a trace. Now, two decades later, sixteen year-old James Anson, grandson of the planet’s discoverer, has returned to Darvas hoping to clear his family’s reputation. Darvas, however, has other plans.
Herman Melville said it best when he proclaimed that every path eventually leads to the sea. For it is the sea that holds our most sacred and terrifying fears, yet it also holds a glorious mysticism over us as a race, an attraction so strong that most of us flock to beaches, river banks, creeks, and lakes at every opportunity to stare out into the vast blueness and wonder: what's out there?

Take my hand, Dear Reader, and swim with me through this journey of sixteen tales of watery terror. As we swim, if something reaches out of the darkness and gropes for your ankle, if something pulls you deeper into the depths of liquid madness, if your breath is stolen from you and you find yourself inhaling nothing but muddied water... do not fear, for it is just the ocean reclaiming what is already hers: your soul.

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