Joyce Faulkner

Joyce Faulkner has been many things in her life.  Author is just the latest in a long string of accomplishments that include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.  She has been a wife, mother, world traveler, underground gas storage engineer, quality trainer, facilities manager, manager of information services, director of ecommerce and consultant.  In the early years of the internet, she traveled the country speaking at conferences and seminars on this new medium as a tool for business to business applications. 
Her writing credentials include speechwriting, technical manuals, features, reviews, travel, humor and history.  She wrote a column called "The History of Aerial Applications" for Ag Pilot International Magazine and a similar one for Crop n? Prop International.  She has written a series of articles on how to use technology to sharpen writing skills that have appeared in magazines like "The Writer" and in ezines like "Scribe & Quill" and "Inkwell Newswatch".  She writes a regular humor column for called "The Weekly Shriek".
She published a collection of philosophical short stories, "Losing Patience" (Red Engine Press, ) in 2004 and a novel "In the Shadow of Suribachi" (Red Engine Press, about the Battle of Iwo Jima in September 2005.  She co-authored a non-fiction book on writing called,"The Complete Writer: A Guide to Tapping Your Full Potential."   She has also worked on several non-fiction projects for veterans that include an album for the Heart of America Chapter of Ex-Prisoners of War.
Joyce’s travels as research for her work include trips to Africa, Korea, Germany and Poland as well as shorter forays to places like Fort Jefferson, Key West and Gettysburg -- all of which are featured in upcoming projects.  Joyce lives with her husband in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Joyce Faulkner

Author of Losing Patience (Red Engine Press, 2004) -- and In the Shadow of Suribachi (Red Engine Press, 2005) --

Co-author of The Complete Writer (Red Engine Press, 2005) --

Featured Humor Columnist: TheCelebrityCafe Features: Columnists/The_Weekly_Shriek

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