Joseph DiFrancesco

Born in Philadelphia, Joe DiFrancesco first began writing a few years into a long stint in the Philadelphia Fire Department. What started out as simple escapism eventually morphed into an unwavering obsession for storytelling. Having always possessed a wild imagination, coupled with a knack for telling tales, his insights into the human condition while an inner city paramedic seemed to complete the needed "chemical process" within him to become a writer. To date he has written several screenplays, and his first film, The Mourning After, which he both wrote and directed, won for best featurette in the 2006 Delaware Valley Film Festival.

His interests are: good movies, great books, music which stirs the soul, art that makes you shut up a minute, architecture that strains the neck, oaky red wine, late night conversations regarding the unknown, and spending time with his wife and three children.

With five books now under his belt it is likely he will continue to explore the distant and sometimes distorted reaches of his mind’s eye for more tales
to tell.

Photograph by Michael Duff

Titles Available from Joseph DiFrancesco

Told with a campfire flair Unholy Whispers is an old fashion ghost story possessing elements of the macabre, sadness, erotica and terror. Born in a seaside brothel, Leah’s birth is an event worthy of damnation. Being raised in and by the home, she bears unending witness to mankind at its most primordial level of drunken savagery and insatiable lust. Her short life translates into a long nightmare, twelve years in duration. Then, on a stormy night, Leah is brutally murdered, along with every single harlot in the bordello at the hands of frenzied seamen.

Homicide detective, Bob DiStanza, has been doggedly pursuing an active serial killer operating throughout the city of Philadelphia. As the lead investigator of a dedicated taskforce commissioned to stop this highly disciplined yet unyielding predator of women, Bob struggles with the situation’s grim reality. The investigation is going nowhere.
Dolan Hermes is a cold and diabolical serial killer preying on Philadelphia. Finding him, however, is not difficult. He’s in a freezer at the city morgue. The real problem is Hermes didn’t actually become a serial killer until after he had died. Now someway, somehow people are falling victim left and right, just as Hermes had predicted. The cops already have their perpetrator. What they don’t have is the means to stop the gruesome
killings - killings set in motion by a dead man.
Rob Turner is a big city detective who leads a double life. On the surface he’s a cocky, high-profile and successful public servant. On the inside he’s a diseased man obsessed with dark sexual addictions. He’s already hip deep in a fierce battle of wills when he finds himself, by way of his ex-wife, thrown into a bizarre rogue investigation born from a doomed airliner’s black box. He must now run head-long into places he’s tried all too often to run from. The closer he gets to the root of this ad hoc probe, the deeper it cuts into his own plagued psyche. Before he knows it, doors he’s dared open in the past, sandwich him between doors newly entered. Now sex, murder and blackmail are attacking this detective’s already tormented soul from every direction, and time is not his friend.
Trevor Adams is a man being pursued by the past. Once a successful attorney, he abruptly walked away from it all to establish his own antique business - wheeling and dealing - in the past. Amidst his change in life direction, an odd affliction, previously dormant, has resurfaced, challenging his ability to focus on the here and now. Soon after he finds the perfect old building for his dreams to take root. Or did the building find him? Journals and memoirs uncovered in storage would suggest something has been waiting a long time for Trevor. Set adrift, he is now a man left foundering somewhere between the past and the present. His lover is losing faith in him. His hypnotherapist is mystified by him. Something long asleep has been awakened, and is demanding Trevor's complete attention. Risking everything he believes in, he gives the matter due diligence, praying his sanity will prevail.
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