Joseph Armstead

"Worlds of Wonder, Secret Twilights and Landscapes of Nightmare, peer beyond the veil and see what hides in the dark places between the stars...Come with me."

Always fascinated by the macabre and the visceral, I?ve written and developed stories around horror and the occult as presented in a cool and rational scientific way. My writing can be classified as a mixture of "splatterpunk/cyberpunk/hong kong cinema" with influences as diverse as Robert Ludlum and Clive Barker, to Stephen King and William Gibson, to John Woo and Francis Ford Coppola. I believe that horror fiction IS literature, once it is imbued with intelligence, good craftmanship and honesty by its authors and if it stays far away from the cliched, the prosaic and the wretchedly corny. I base what I write in the ?here and now?, in Reality, and no matter how off-the-wall the subject matter, I strive to make the story logical. I want the ring of truth to it. I want the reader to enjoy themselves and to be wrapped-up in self-contained world of wonder and danger, but at the same time I want them thinking ?Could this happen? Could there conceivably be a grain of truth in this?? To my mind, that adds spice to the novel and makes the story three-dimensional ... Interests: Science & Technology; Advancements in the computer industry; Writing Horror Fiction; Science Fiction; True Crime; Motion Pictures; Hard Rock Music; Acid Jazz music; Martial Arts

Titles Available from Joseph Armstead

There is a secret history to the World and it is known to only a few. Beyond the history books and behind the headlines, there are mysteries that can never be revealed, unbelievable stories that can never know the light of day. Only a small group of brave, dedicated men and women dare know these things. Only a few can know the unknowable. They are the protectors, the soldiers who hold back the onslaught of Darkness. For centuries, they have worked in the shadows, keeping the enemies of civilization at bay.

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