Jonathan Lyons

Jonathan Lyons received his MFA in writing from the California College of the Arts in Spring 2005. He currently lives in the Bay Area, but has lived in Austin, TX, and Bombay, India, of all places; he hails from Iowa. He received his bachelor’s in English from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. (He doesn?t miss the winters.)

He has had a number of short stories, essays, a hyperfiction, and his first novel, Burn, published.

Titles Available from Jonathan Lyons

This is Jonathan Lyons? second novel and is titled Machina. It is a speculative, metaphysical, philosophical, and very unusual novel that pulls in notions about reality from quantum mechanics, string theory, various religious tomes, Descartes, Eastern notions of reality and the universe, the Schroedinger probability wave, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and more, to deal with the question of what happens when "God," whatever that is, dies. Who finds out, and how? And what would they do to set things right? Grand conspiracy and the old Remote Viewing psychic spy programs come into play.

Gargantuan global software monopoly Expedite Corporation set out to create an artificial intelligence to serve as a semi-sentient server manager of the world’s information networks. Their success wildly exceeds their expectations, but comes at a very human cost.

The corporate-funded police force of Old New York dropped its investigation into a man’s mysterious death by fire. Spontaneous human combustion is the rumored cause, but a down-and-out private detective, a former member of the Old New York Police Force, soon learns that this wasn?t the only man to die this way.

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